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There is so much to learn through the use and enjoyment of snowboarding videos.
At any level, a rider can be inspired, learn a great deal from and enjoy the activity of watching video of great riders doing what they do best.

When I was in high school, I would watch Critical Condition (at that time cutting edge, haha) over and over and over. Rewinding, pausing, watching, rewinding and watching again. I loved it. Learning from the rhythm, and body positions of the riders on the screen. Dreaming of one day doing what they do.
Not only the riding, but the traveling and the rock stardom. It is all so incredible. Check this out!

Now, I hope to pass that excitement on to you through the collection of snowboarding video clips below. Browse and get pumped up for the next trip to the hill.

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Shred History and Competition Background

Snowboarding History in 2 minutes and the "Straight Lines to Triple Corks" series

How To Videos

Tuning Your Snowboard
Snowboarding Powder

Jumping Tricks
Spinning Tricks off Jumps - 180s 360s 540s 720s 900s
Backside Rodeo
Back Flips Off Jumps

Halfpipe Tricks
Riding the Halfpipe
Spinning Tricks in the Pipe -
540s 720s 900s 1080s

Check out this amazing series of video tutorials here:
Snowboard Addiction Program

Snowboarding Legends
Terry Kidwell, (mini Shred) Shaun Palmer, Tom Sims and the Sims Team Damien Sanders, Chris Roach, Dave Seoane, Steve Graham
Craig Kelly Jeff Brushie Jamie Lynn Peter Line Daniel Frank

Rise of the Pros
Critical Condition Todd Richards Shaun White Torstein Horgmo

Snowboarding Icons
Terje Haakonsen Shaun White Travis Rice

Most Influential Riders and Pros
by Style of Riding

Slopestyle Riding
Andreas Wiig Mikkel Bang Torstein Horgmo Peetu Piiroinen Chas Guldemond Jaime Anderson, Janna Meyen, Spencer O'Brian
Tara Dakides Kjersti Oestgaard Buaas

Urban Riding
Lucas Magoon Mike Casanova & Jonas Michilot Jeremy Jones
Keegan Valaika JP Walker Mark Frank

Quarterpipe Riding
Ingemar Backman Luke Mitrani, Scott Lago, Matt Ladley Terje Haakonsen

Halfpipe Riding
Danny Davis Taylor Gold Ben Ferguson Chase Josey
Shaun White Iouri Podladtchikov Kazu Kokubo Danny Kass
Kevin Pearce Scotty Lago Antti Autti
Chloe Kim Kelly Clark Gretchen Bleiler Hanah Teter Arielle Gold Torah Bright

Extreme Snowboarding
Jeremy Jones - Once a Racer, Now Big Mountain Jeremy Victoria Jealouse

Big Air and Back Country Riding
Devon Walsh JP Walker Nicolas Muller Gap Session Madness Mark Frank Montoya Eero Etalla Back Country Bombshells Tara Dakides Victoria Jealouse

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