Freestyle Snowboarding

What is so free about Freestyle Snowboarding? Well certainly not the equipment, the travel to get there or the lift ticket to get on the hill. But everything else about the activity lends itself to creative and physical freedom that is unique and never ending.

In the Freestyle Snowboarding pages of snowboarding tricks, you will find a wide variety of snowboarding tricks, instruction and lessons. I will take you through the names and appearance of the freestyle terrain you may encounter, the grabs you may want to learn and the spinning and flipping tricks you will want to do. From the Halfpipe or Quarterpipe, to the Jumps, Jibs, and Rails, we will get a grip on every step to trick stomping success.

Each chapter below is full of answers to the questions that come up regarding freestyle shredding. With so many styles of riding, ways to grab your board, ride forwards or backwards, ways to flip or spin and even ways to dress while you are doing it, boredom will be a thing of the past.

One thing I can suggest is to use you early experiences to be observant and take it all in. There is no rush for you to be the king of the hill and the more you watch and learn from what other people on the hill are doing and if it is working or not, can really help to guide you in the right direction. What riders are in control and stylish? What kind of movements are they making? What kind of equipment and set up are they using. Stance angles, width and position on the board.

Take this approach into parks and on the runs to learn about proper etiquette as well. Sometimes it can be intimidating for a beginner or intermediate rider just to figure out where to hang out and where not to on the hill. Watch, learn, be patient, ease into it nice and easy and have fun out there.

Snowboarding Terrain Features

Snowboarding Terrain and Features

Snowboarding Grabs

Snowboarding Grabs

Snowboarding Tricks and Tips

Snowboarding Tricks Header

For a great intro into Freestyle Riding and Terrain Parks,
watch this:

Jumping Tricks
Spinning Tricks off Jumps - 180s 360s 540s 720s 900s
Backside Rodeo
Back Flips Off Jumps

Halfpipe Tricks
Riding the Halfpipe
Spinning Tricks in the Pipe -
540s 720s 900s 1080s

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