Tips for Snowboarding

In the Tips for Snowboarding section of, you will learn the step by step progressions, from beginner stages all the way up to competitive level riding.

Along with informative pages on Vocabulary, Basic Terminology and Fundamental Skill Building,
you will find the heart of, the extensive Freestyle Snowboarding section.

There we will go over the full spectrum of Freestyle Snowboarding.
From grabbing your snowboard, to grabs names, to what different spinning and flipping tricks are called, to the Jumps, Halfpipe and Jibbing How to Pages, you will find every step laid out before you.

Snowboarding Basics
Learn the most basic definitions of snowboarding. As basic as turn, stop and jump. Or, more detailed terms like parts of a ski area, parts of a snowboard, terrain variations, terrain park safety, etc......

Foundation of Great Riding
- Basic Snowboarding Skills -

In Basic Snowboarding Skills I will share with you a series of skill drills and helpful tips to build and sculpt your riding foundation. Using basic beginner and advanced intermediate excercises, we will work to build the ground floor of unlimited progression. Developing good training and riding habits to cultivate personal style through a solid mental approach and willingness to work hard, to fall down and to get back up and try again. Start your climb to greatness.

Freestyle Snowboarding Progressions
* Coaching & Definitions *

Learn the trick names, definitions and understand the fancy maneuvers. From basic snowboarding moves like straight airs with grabs, progress right through to complex rail, jump and halfpipe tricks.
Find step by step written progressions to follow, along with helpful how-to videos
designed to further aid progression in the more visual learner.

Share your shred knowledge, photos or tricks as it relates to this page

Share with the readers and build your own page that you can share online.

From Tips for Snowboarding
Go onto Freestyle Snowboarding

Jumping Tricks
Spinning Tricks off Jumps - 180s 360s 540s 720s 900s
Backside Rodeo
Back Flips Off Jumps

Halfpipe Tricks
Riding the Halfpipe
Spinning Tricks in the Pipe -
540s 720s 900s 1080s

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