Snowboarding Organizations

Follow these links to find a wealth of information on snowboarding organizations involving all levels of snowboard competition and contests, as well as certifications and training for professional instructors and judging.

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Snowboarding Organizations

United States Snowboarding Association -USSA
The USSA is the organizational leadership for the United States regional and national high level events as well as the US Snowboard Teams. The USSA posts schedules for all USSA events, and International Snowboard Federation (FIS) events like the World Cup and Olympics, with results, athlete rankings and news from the world of upper level competitive snowboarding. Snowboarding organizations applications for USSA and FIS memberships required for competition along with links to registration for events for the coming competition season are available from the site.

US Snowboarding Events Page

United States Amateur Snowboard Association -USASA
The USASA is proud to be able to represent the recreational and competitive interests of amateur snowboarding in the United States. Our goal is to promote Safe, Fair, & FUN events while fostering a competitive spirit in snowboard athletes.

USASA Regions and Series Directory

World Snowboard Federation
Managing and producing a series of high level international events, including the TTR or Ticket To Ride Series, the WSF is a new wave in snowboarding organizations. Aiming at stimulating activities that can help to make snowboarding grow and develop in the spirit of the original, genuine culture that has been created by the pioneers of snowboarding and the pro-riders – the heroes of the kids.

WSF Events Page

-great resource for researching teams and programs across the country-
Snowboarding Teams and Programs Directory

Federation International de Ski -FIS
The FIS is the international governing body for many of the highly competitive winter sports, including freestyle, downhill, and nordic skiing, as well as the sport of snowboarding. They organize the International FIS World Cup, and work in cooperation with the (IOC) International Olympic Committee, to organize the highest levels of the winter sport.

Canadian Snowboard Federation -CSF The Canadian Snowboard Federation was established in 1991 as the governing body for the competitive sport of snowboarding in Canada. Find snowboarding information about CSF sanctions, monitoring and competitive programs and snowboarding information on canadian snowboarding competition.

Instructor Training and Certifications

American Association of Snowboard Instructors -AASI / TheSnowPros The AASI is a close-knit group of full-time and part-time instructors dedicated to reaching the highest levels of performance within the snow sports industry. Find Instructor snowboarding information on AASI Membership, which represents increased professionalism and rewarding personal and professional achievement. AASI instructors are recognized and respected by both the public and people within the industry.

US Snowboard Coach Education Program The Coach Education Program covers a variety of topics ranging from coaching philosophy to technical concepts to event tactics to movement analysis. We are hoping to inspire thoughts and ideas that you can take back to your fellow coaches and riders. In no way, do we want to tell you exactly how to coach a particular trick or technique, we merely wish to provide a foundation of principles that you can expand on and add your own ideas to. Just like the sport itself, there is no right or wrong way to perform a specific trick. So, in coaching there is no right or wrong way. As long as you are minimizing risk, having fun and sticking with the underlying concepts of snowboarding, you’re doing it right.

Pro Ride Snowboard Instructor Coarses -Canada Being a snowboard specific training facility for the Canadian Association of Snowboard instructors benefits you! We are Whistlers number 1 training academy for snowboarders.

BaseCamp Instructor Coarses - France, Canada & New Zealand Base Camp Group offer ski / snowboard instructor training courses and seasonal ski accommodation in France, Canada and New Zealand.

Instructor Training Company -New Zealand You will be involved in a snowboard training program which is designed not only to develop your own personal riding, but also to provide you with the necessary snowboard teaching and analytical skills to become a qualified snowboard instructor.

Snowboard Judging Certification

International Judging Commission -IJC The International Judging Commission has been established by the worlds' top snowboard judges to promote snowboard judging ideals based exclusively on rider input and freestyle snowboard experts. Today we work together with competition organizers all over the world to ensure that snowboarding contests are run according to rules made by snowboarders for snowboarders.

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