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Snowboarding Tricks is an online how-to guide for progressing snowboarders, parents, instructors or coaches. Learning the names and how-tos of tricks can be confusing and challenging. This site is designed to take the mystery out of it. Perfect for anyone looking for answers to questions about freestyle snowboarding tricks, how to do them or to learn the names of the wide variety of styles and tricks. Designed as a guide to the information, coaching and ideas that can help you to develop your skills as a rider, competitor or coach,
we aim to please.

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Once a rider has been bitten by the snowboarding bug, they will with out a doubt take one or a few of a variety of directions with their riding. Some may turn to carving boards and racing, while most will go the way of the freestyler. Doing and learning tricks is so addictive. Whether it be sliding a rail, flipping of a rock into powder or doing inverted spins in the halfpipe, snowboarders can find exhilaration all over the mountain,
or even in town for that matter.

This website is intended to feed the addiction. To share the passion and to guide the soul. With a wide range of descriptions, grab guide, example videos and links to other incredible programs online,
Snowboarding Tricks is here for you.


Goals will be set, then reached though dedicated effort, ambition, will to work and the will to get back on that horse when you get bucked off. Snowboarding Tricks is built on the idea that success is the product of a riders belief that they "can do it." Learning step by step in a supportive, creative and constructive environment with a foundation of passion for the activity, the drive to improve
and the willingness to try and try again.

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Utilizing individual personal characteristics and athletic abilities, we will build a solid skills foundation and fundamental base, in the effort to raise a riders potential. Then through hard work and dedication the rider will push themselves and climb towards new horizons as an athlete, a competitor,
and maybe even as a sponsored professional.

Strap in, for the ride of your life.


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Snowboarding-Tricks.net is a site designed to help and encourage
coaches, instructors and snowboarders to push their skills and ability.
It is in no way responsible for injuries
or damage incurred in the pursuit of ones personal goals.

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